Sitting in the lounge withe the tv on the cooking channel and listening to the rain falling, the cars driving past and the whoosh of tyres on a wet road. Now I’m thinking of the flat where table mountain would be covered in white like a table being set, the lights appearing on the white background, and we sitting on the couch looking out to sea, chatting about the day and how our day has gone, a little gossip about the people in the building. Then we get up me into the kitchen and you watching sky news. You come into the kitchen to chat and give me a tender little kiss on the inside of my neck and I tingle all over and go all soft and my insides quivering with love for you. I love those little kisses, we chat more and I am asking you to set the table cos suppers almost ready. We have supper and you taking so long with supper and me wanting to go and watch one of tv series. I excuse myself and watch my programs and you go and sit on the couch with a glass of wine, I peek through the glass doors and catch you looking at me and smile, knowing I love you and you love me. Later on I go to have my bath a ritual I go through every night, lying in the bath and reading a book. Then join you and watch tv together and then you fall asleep and I listen to you. You then wake up and have toast or whatever little snacks we have will be devoured by you and off you toddle to bed. Much later after watching all I want I get into bed, and the minute I get in you will turn towards me and wrap your arms around my waist and hole me tight. Love those moments and miss it.
Just thinking of you.
Love you.

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