Lost, need a guide.

It has been many moons since I last blogged anything, but that does not mean that nothing happened. In fact so many things happened, major changes in my lifestyle. The menopause is now in full swing, so there are many mood swings, firstly there’s the major change whereby my partner is moving back to the U.K. and my debate as to whether I would join him, but there is my son in another part of the country who will be graduating soon. So what to do? Well my son won u only graduate once.

Then the big move from our apartment to my childhood home, so the packing starts, and boy to decide what stays and what goes is a nightmare I eventually just packed everything and stored it in the garage.

Then the day arrives and my partner is leaving on an early morning flight and I am holding myself very strong not to sob too loudly. he has now been gone 19 days and yes i am counting the days, never thought I would say this but I miss him dreadfully.

I then decided to visit my son and spend Mother’s day with him. i had a great week with him and is only now getting into my stride and must still unpac.

Till next time


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