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Early Weekend

Early Weekend.


……..mmmmm I think I got a bit lost, a finacial year end and a hot flush does not and I repeat does not go well. This is my lunch break and the cheese & tomato sarmie is now looking a bit alien not what I fancy now, but hey I gotta eat. How come we in March already, time flies ~~
And lo and behold I am starting my gym classes today Yay can’t wait, you must think what the hell for, but my menopause cost me extra kilo’s, and frankly my dear I can do without it.

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Searching for someting that you are convinced you’ve put away and Now its not there. Drives me to drink

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Gossip girl

Stop searching Gossip Girl………… Watching everybody on a break Phil’s gone to bed Yaaay I have the remote.

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Minutes Later

How did I get into frying these samoosas and then proceeds to eat them, one thing the other half of me stays at a distance and do my bidding before I can rant or rave or cook or be loving. Must be scary these moments they are sometimes better than kodak moments. I think I like this madness I can do certain things and get away with it.

Moments of madness

Moments of madness

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A nervy heLLo

A Shaky start to a brand new blog and all this mixed up crazy emotions all bottled up. The Flush what a nightmare and the first attack is such an alien feeling, it’s “oh my God I can’t breathe and as u thinking its gone so fast wait…….wait here it comes again, open the windows let me breathe HELP can’t take this anymore. But that is just the surface how about the great MUFFIN Middle omg I can just die whatever I am doing is wrong can’t shake or get rid of this middle. Dare I embrace this no me don’t think so gonna get rid of it, shall I try the gym. These thoughts go through my head and what am I doing blogging that’s what, why? Cos its cheaper and I can just lie here watch tv or blog. I am told this passes when its a mystery everyone has their own clock.
Many pausiness

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